I think I need a coven…

For a while I’ve been a solitary witch. I enjoy the quiet days and rituals. I love making my own rules and spells. I love connecting to nature and commuting with nature when I feel like it.

Lately tho I feel like I am missing something… and I think it‘s the connecting to others that share my beliefs and interests. I have friends and family around but we have no where to similar beliefs and somedays I just want to talk to someone about signs the Universe is sending or how I happened to buy a crystal that I would need the next day.

I’ve thought about joining online covens but I also feel like that is not something that would work for me, specially if there is no way to really tell how old and what the participants really believe or do.

It’s also hard to find a Coven around here. I live in Maryland and I feel like there are no many groups around here… should I start one? How would I even start? So much to think about…

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